In-Home Cooking Party

SUNNY's popular in-home cooking parties have been launched since 2010.
IMG_6540a (2)  IMG_6542a (2)  IMG_6544a (2) In this three-hour informative and fun cooking party, SUNNY will offer hands-on experience for the attendees to make their own Asian traditional appetizers, demonstrate how to make two main delicious and healthy Asian dishes, and bring home-style Asian desserts and her signature multigrain rice to share. SUNNY also shares lots of tips related to healthy cooking and eating Yin-Yang balanced diets to enhance overall health. In summary, this three-hour cooking party for five people is only priced $180 and the purchaser can schedule the party one year after purchasing from SUNNY Chinese Kitchen. Gift certificates are available for purchase as well. For returned customers, there will be 50% off discount.
This in-home cooking party package includes:
  • Have hands-on experience making your own Asian appetizers,
  • Enjoy tasting two demo dishes made in front of your eyes,
  • Take home laminated recipe cards (demo dishes only),
  • Complimentary multigrain rice and Asian home-style desserts,
  • Learn something about healthy cooking and eating habits, and
  • Schedule the party at your own convenient location and date/time.
Note: For each additional people more than five, there is the extra cost of $15/$10 (if younger than 15-year-old).  The party location is more than 20 miles away from Fishers will be charged for $1.00 per extra mile round trip. The cooking menu including appetizers, main dishes and desserts are shown at the below slideshow.  Feel free to contact us for any question or comment you might have.